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Speech therapy, where? Everywhere!

Speech therapy doesn't just need to happen in the therapy room. It can happen at home, the grocery store, the park, or anywhere! Some examples of promoting language at home can be driving cars or princess carriages in a variety of places to ask "where?" questions and also to use and model prepositions-under the table, up the bookshelf, on the bookshelf, behind the couch, under the couch, etc. Those same cars and carriages can be excellent for picking up and driving around the articulation cards you have put around the room-have them find it, model or independently produce the word on the card and put it in the vehicle and so on until all are picked up.

At the grocery store or park, ask what and where questions to promote vocabulary. As they are shopping with you, ask for their help-"I can't find the strawberries, can you help me?", "which box of strawberries are bigger?", etc. If the child is older and has been working a certain sound in speech therapy, have them look for their "sound" while shopping through the store and have them practice. Or while at the park use and model prepositions-"oh you're going DOWN the slide", "you are UNDER the slide", "you are ON the swing", etc.

Make speech therapy work for you at home! It's more than working on cards or saying sounds, speech practice is hiding EVERYWHERE!

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